Biomass Boilers

Affordable Biomass Boiler Systems in Somerset

When people are considering a biomass boiler in their homes, their main incentives are the savings on their energy bills, particularly oil, and the environmental benefits.

The substantial savings associated with biomass boilers are particularly attractive to consumers with high usage. Generating heat using logs, wood pellets and wood chips is much cheaper than using electricity, oil and gas. Investing in wood fuelled systems such as biomass boilers is an intelligent move, not least because of the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme which is backed by the government.

Much like Solar PV, eligible systems can benefit from a fixed income for every kWh generated by your biomass boiler for 7 years from the installation date. The resulting income stream and the initial cost-saving initiative make installing a biomass boiler a solid choice. You could even recoup the money spent in as little as four years!

The environmental benefits of biomass boilers include:

Low emissions

Wood is a fuel which emits low emissions in comparison to fossil fuels. The type of carbon emitted from each is different and this is vitally important. Biomass fuels produce contemporary carbon and fossil fuels emit fossilized carbon. Fossilized carbon becomes atmospheric carbon dioxide, whereas biomass fuels release a type of carbon which can be used by growing plants and is therefore transformed into growth.


Wood fuel is usually sourced from managed woodlands, improving conditions for existing wildlife and biodiversity. Allowing wood to rot enables it to produce not only carbon dioxide but also methane. Therefore, wood fuelled systems utilising the wood before it has a chance to decompose is much less harmful.

Locally sourced materials

Wood fuel is generally available locally, increasing its availability and reducing its cost. Therefore, transporting wood fuel has both environmental and economic benefits.


Biomass boilers supplied by GreenStart Solar Solutions are sourced from leading manufacturers who have been prevalent in the industry for a number of years. These systems increase efficiency and lessen emission levels, minimising pollutant levels and outperforming even the best fossil fuel boilers.

Those looking to discover more in relation to biomass boilers are more than welcome to get in touch with us here at GreenStart Solar Solutions, we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in detail. Further to our biomass boilers, we also offer a range of energy efficient ground source heat pumps. Further information can be found here