Commercial Solar PV

High Quality Commercial Solar PV Systems in Somerset

When energy costs are rising, the time to invest in solar PV is now.

Installing solar PV panels makes great commercial sense for businesses. GreenStart Solar Solutions have been helping companies across the UK to generate their own electricity for over 5 years.

Our experienced team has worked with clients across all industry sectors, designing bespoke solar PV systems to meet your requirements, whether you have a small office, care home, large warehouse or a few acres of unusable land. With rates rising alarmingly, guarding your business against huge bills will keep you going strong whilst competitors are hit with increasing rises.

Benefits of commercial solar PV for businesses include:

  • Reduced overheads and protection from rises
  • Lower emissions
  • Increased revenue with a second income stream

Embracing green energy also gives you the ability to demonstrate your awareness of the environment and the impact your industry has. This can be your company’s way of giving back to the environment we all share. Reducing our carbon footprint has become vital in terms of both environmental impact and also in building relations with customers, suppliers and partners too.

Whilst the initial financial outlay is not the smallest, being part of the Government’s Feed-in Tariff means that any additional energy your panels produce can repay the cost of installation in a relatively short period of time. Installing solar PV panels is both an environmentally and financially sound choice. Give GreenStart Solar Solutions a call today and see how we can help you.