Ground Source Heat Pumps

Cost-saving Ground Source Heat Pumps in Somerset

Ground source heat pumps are transporters of the sun’s energy stored in the ground which is then converted into usable heat, providing heating and hot water for your home or workplace. Regarded as an environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, ground source heat pumps are flexible in that they can be combined with other green systems such as solar SV panels and underfloor heating to further the benefits of green energy.

The benefits of ground source heat pumps include:

  • Cost savings - ground source heat pumps shave pounds off your energy bills
  • RHI payments over 7 years for domestic projects and over 20 years for commercial projects
  • Reliability – keep your home warm when you need to, installing a ground source heat pump negates the need for unreliable deliveries of coal or oil.
  • Environmentally-friendly – ground source heat pumps do not produce harmful carbon emissions

Ground source heat pumps transport heat rather than produce it, therefore improving the efficiency of your heating system.

A series of pipes are filled with water and glycol at a low temperature, laid in the ground and surrounded by soil which is naturally at a higher temperature. This heat gently warms the glycol which is pumped around the pipes. An increase of just 3/4°C is all that’s needed for a ground source heat pump to work.

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