Solar Solutions in Somerset, the South West & Nationwide

Have you ever considered how much money you could save by generating your own electricity?

Installing solar photovoltaic panels with GreenStart Solar Solutions will enable you to produce your own electricity by channeling energy directly from the sun. Solar PV panels don’t need continuous sunshine to work, only daylight. So when you wake up on a cloudy day, there’s no need to worry. 

Alongside the environmental benefits solar PV panels bring, you could also save money on your energy bills. Plus, the Government operates a Feed-in Tariff which pays you for every kilowatt hour you produce. Any energy you produce but don’t use will also give you an income, as it will be fed into the Grid. 

How will I benefit from installing solar PV panels?

You will save on your energy bills – you will no longer need to buy all your energy from your supplier. By participating in the Government’s Feed-in tariff, you can earn money generating electricity. Quick and simple installations completed by the experienced team at GreenStart Solar Solutions Systems come with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

How will my solar panels work?

A solar PV system comprises solar panels, an inverter and a generation meter. When sunlight reaches your solar panels, electrical energy will be produced in the form of DC current. The electricity will then flow into your home via a cable to the inverter inside. This is where the generated energy is converted into an AC current and fed into your existing circuits. Your home will always use your generated energy first before importing from the grid. 

Battery storage and backup systems are also available.

Why should I use GreenStart Solar Solutions?

We only ever install products from recognised manufacturers who have been specialists in renewable products for a number of years. We have access to a full range of solar PV panels to suit the style of your roof and we only fit SMA inverters, being one of a limited number of UK companies to have achieved SMA Advanced Installer status. 

If you are interested in discussing solar PV panels for your own home, give the experts at GreenStart Solar Solutions a call today.  You can learn more about our commercial solar PV services here.