Underfloor Heating

High Performance Underfloor Heating Systems at Affordable Prices in Somerset

Underfloor heating is a contemporary solution to keeping your home at your preferred temperature. Enabling you to experience the indulgence of warm floors in the winter months, underfloor heating is a high specification addition to your property which could even boost the value of your home.

Why should I consider underfloor heating?

  • Stone and tile floors become warm and cosy
  • Radiators can be removed – giving you more floor space
  • Different floor types can accommodate the system
  • Underfloor heating can be installed retrospectively

Imagine your home without the eyesore of a radiator in every room, instead you can make the most of the available space in your home and enhance its aesthetics. Not only is underfloor heating a visual improvement, it is also a more efficient method used to heat a room - so long as the walls, doors and windows are well insulated. Radiators will heat the area around them rapidly as the heat rises from the source and spreads around the room slowly. In contrast, underfloor heating warms a larger surface area and the heat rises from the floor at a lower temperature and ensures a steady temperature.

Ideal for new build properties, combining underfloor heating with a PV system and a ground or air source pump will give a property a minimal running cost and an income for years to come. Should you wish to discuss underfloor heating for your home, all you need to do is call GreenStart Solar Solutions and a member of our friendly team will be glad to help.